Rocky River #703, F&AM

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From The East - December 2018

Greetings Brethren,

 I am about to assume my duties as the 91st Master of Rocky River Lodge on November 29th. It is an honor that I never expected to have. 

When I first served as the 75th Master in 2003, both the Fraternity and Rocky River Lodge were stronger than they are today. The demographics of our membership have aged. 

We face the challenge of rebuilding our lodge and the fraternity in a much different environment. Although our membership has changed, we must all work to replace ourselves. According to the Grand Lodge of Ohio’s report, our lodge will lose 10 members this year due to age. My goal is to raise 10 good men this year to meet this loss. 

Make good men better is a worthy goal. For those of you who were members when I served in 2003 you will remember that we had an active program. I hope that this year will be even better! If you haven’t been around for a while, watch our schedule for a reason to share an evening of fellowship. 

We all know good men who would benefit from the lessons of the fraternity and contribute to our lodge and community. 

Among the events this year we will have our 43rd annual Breakfast in the Park on January 27th. Also included this year is our 3rd annual range night on January 31st hockey night, Crushers baseball night, and in June we will be traveling to the Ohio Village to do a degree in an 1800’s era lodge room. 

Together with you, we can restore the greatness to Rocky River Lodge. Please watch the Trestleboard for the programs in the coming weeks! 

If you could offer your help, please call me at (cell #) 440-759-3261. 


Mark W. Rantala, W.M.