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About our Logo

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Through thoughtful and careful collaboration, the officers and brethren adopted a new logo for West Shore Lodge that embodies the vision and purpose of our endeavors.

Lodge Motto:“Fraternally Based–Community Focused”. We are first and foremost a fraternity, andour unity stems from that brotherhood. We also have a unique direction and character we’d like West Shore #804 to be, and that’s community focused. While we want to engage more outwardly to the local communities we hail from to spread the light of Masonry and attract others to the fraternity through our charitable works, it also represents the masonic community within.

Lighthouse: Much as a lighthouse emanates light, West Shore Lodge will emanate the light of Masonry to all, bringing light inthe midst of darkness. As we encompass a large area near Lake Erie, it also ties into that nautical theme found so prominently in the West Shore/Lake Erie area.

Lighthouse Square & Compass: The Square & Compasses, great lights andsymbols of Masonry, provide the source of the light within the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Stripes: Stripes of 3-5-7 rise up the side of the lighthouse – a nod to the symbolic lessons taught within freemasonry.

Est. 2021 banner: Our founding year, proudly displayed.

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